Cookies Policy

What are they?

Cookies are files that can be downloaded onto your computer from websites. They allow information to be stored and recovered about the user’s browsing habits or their equipment and, depending on the information obtained, they can be used to recognise the user and improve the service offered. Cookies have been around for many years and are very common; they do not harm your computer and does not save any data that could identify you personally. We use cookies to store encrypted data to make your visit to our site as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. Because of the essential information they contain, cookies allow us to determine the type of content that may interest you. As well as automatically and more accurately helping to adapt the experience offered by our website, cookies also enable us to identify any error you might find.

The cookies on

These are cookies stored on your computer to cover the needs of our website and to optimise and personalise our services. We use the following cookies: Authentication cookies to verify users and enable correct interaction with the site. Cookies for favourites, which require interaction with the user for storage and private organisation.

Third-party cookies

When you visit, you may see that some of the cookies are not related to We use cookies in order to learn more about our visitors and the contents they find most interesting, focusing our efforts on improving the areas that are visited most, and helping users to find what they’re looking for more easily. The information from your visit may be used to make assessments and statistical calculations on anonymous data, to guarantee the continuity of the service, or to make improvements to the website. Also, when you visit our web pages, you can find integrated content, such as a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.  It’s possible that those websites will send you cookies. We have no control at all over the configuration of these cookies. If you’re worried about cookies, the best idea is to check the third-party websites to obtain more information on their cookies and how to manage them.

How to manage cookies

The default settings for browsers are usually configured to accept cookies. However, you can easily alter these settings in your browser options. But bear in mind that if you choose to deactivate cookies, it may be that certain parts of the website will not function correctly or will not be accessible.